I'm Lexi, a Burmese Cat

Allow me to introduce...

Burmy Web

Web Design and Development

For All Kinds of Online Web Things

We specialize in producing Websites and Tools for Animal/Pet Breeders
Web Design and Development

we create
web page things

and build
online form things

Web Design, Social Media, SEO

we also stay
on top
of things

We employ the use of

Responsive Design Techniques

From Desktop to Mobile

Golden Ratio Principles

To Achieve Balance in your Design

The Rule of Thirds

To Create Dynamic Impact​

Standard Colour Theory

For a Visually Balanced Experience​

Using Tried and True

Design Elements


Simplicity over Complexity. Each new site design must pass through a rigorous functionality checklist.


Errors are costly therefore our policy is to get it right the first time before a new site is deployed.


With so many different devices and browsers on the market it's our goal to ensure that our sites look great on anything.


We prefer to use WordPress for all new site installations though it never hurts to get one's hands dirty at the code level.


Our aim is to ensure that your expectations are exceeded and you have a site that you can be proud of.


Animal testing is involved with ALL of our products. If they don't pass Lexi's checklist, you don't get the product until it does! 🙂

get noticed

grow your business

get more customers

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